Nice to meet you, We are Dogo Pickles.

Is Dogo famous for its vegetables?
We are often asked, but not really.

Even if Dogo vegetables are not famous, the vegetables and fruits grown in Ehime Prefecture in the mild climate of the Seto Inland Sea are full of flavor and deliciousness from the mineral-rich sea breeze and sunshine.

"Can't we, who were born and raised in Matsuyama, make this delicious local Ehime vegetable known all over the country?"

"Is there anything we can do from here?"

Little by little, the ideas born from this desire are gradually fanned out.

The idea was to process fresh vegetables grown in Ehime Prefecture into pickles. Using fresh vegetables to make pickles that everyone can enjoy...

With the general image of pickles as something sour, could we really do it ourselves?

There was much anticipation and just as much anxiety, but after repeated trial and error in the selection of ingredients and seasoning, the vegetables and fruits were locked fresh in the jars, resulting in very tasty pickles with a rich flavor and high aroma.

In the future, under the brand name "Dogo Pickles," we would like to continue to produce products that local people can be proud of and associate with Ehime just by hearing the name.

Deliciousness to drink up

Vinegar is the most important ingredient in pickle juice.

Vinegar is said to have many benefits, such as suppressing postprandial blood sugar elevation, reducing body and visceral fat, lowering blood pressure, and relieving fatigue.

In fact, vinegar is also considered to be a substitute for medicine, and has been consumed for health since ancient times (Greek and Roman times!).

In fact, vinegar is said to be a substitute for medicine and has been drunk for health since ancient times (Greek and Roman times!).

That's why at Dogo Pickles, we are so particular about the ingredients of the pickle juice, so that you can enjoy the whole pickle juice, which is full of nutrients from the vegetables and fruits.

"Not only delicious, but also safe to eat and good for you.

With this in mind, the vinegar, dashi, and honey used in the pickle juice are from Ehime Prefecture.

And we carefully select safe products that do not contain preservatives or coloring agents.

We are proud of our Dogo Pickles, which are safe, secure, and packed with the deliciousness of vegetables.

Please enjoy every last drop.

Please enjoy every last drop.

Also available as a gift!

Not only the taste, but also the container was carefully selected.
We want to make a package that women will think is cute! I want to make a package that women will think is cute and looks good in pictures.

With this in mind, we created the package while redesigning it many times.

The logo is based on the motif of a local citrus fruit from Ehime.

We aimed to create a design that would make the recipient of the gift unintentionally say, "Cute! We aimed to create a design that would make the recipient of the gift happy.

The pickles are jars, so they are a little heavy, but after eating, they are "just the right" size to be used as a glove compartment, pen holder, etc.

We hope you will use it as a souvenir or a mid-year or year-end gift.

In addition, various kinds of Ehime mikan pickles will be sold during the mikan season.

The honey that is infused into the pickling liquid enhances the sweetness of the fruit and makes it even more delicious.

The cute looking fruit pickles are sure to please even those who don't like vinegar and children.