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Young corn and asparagus

Young corn and asparagus

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Kagawa Prefecture's brand asparagus "Sanuki no mezame" and

Fresh and crispy "Young Corn" baby corn is now available as a pickle.

The fresh and crispy "Young Corn", a baby corn, is now available as a pickle.

Sanuki no mezame" from Toyota Farm

Asparagus as sweet as fruit!

I met asparagus as sweet as a fruit.

The sugar content is about 10 degrees.

When you eat it raw, you can taste the sweetness and the flavor of the asparagus.

Boil it quickly to increase the sweetness.

Young corn with full beard is fresh and crispy.

Fresh, crispy and crunchy

The sweetness of the corn is delicious.

When it is made into pickles, it has a different taste

The sweetness is enhanced when it is pickled.

This is a seasonal product, very popular and in short supply...!

Please order as soon as possible!


Young corn (Ehime), asparagus (Kagawa), pickling ingredients (rice vinegar, sugar, mirin, salt, dashi)

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