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sweet potato and kawachi-bankan

sweet potato and kawachi-bankan

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Snack Pickles

The sweetness of sweet potato and

The sweetness of Kawachi-bankan citrus is the best match for the sweetness of sweet potatoes.

Kochibankan pickles are a seasonal product.

The sweet potato is a variety called "Beni Azuma" which has a strong sweetness.

The seasonal citrus "Kawachi Bankan" is from Ainan Town, Ehime Prefecture.

It has a crunchy texture and a refreshing sweetness with little bitterness.

They are marinated in pickling liquid, so they remain juicy!

This product is full of dietary fiber.

Perfect as a snack when you are hungry!


Let's cook!

Easy to serve on top of yogurt, but also very tasty!

I think children will love it too!

If you cook it with pork and mushrooms in a sweet and spicy sauce, it will be a great snack for your family!

The vinegar makes the meat tender and the Kawachi-bankan citrus adds a refreshing sourness to the dish.

You can enjoy a different taste than usual!



Satsuma-imo (Japanese sweet potato), Kawachi-bankan orange (from Ehime), pickling ingredients (rice vinegar, sugar, mirin, salt)

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