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[Western-style mustard]

When you put it in your mouth

The sweetness of the tomatos and the sourness of the pickles

The sweetness of the tomatoes and the sourness of the pickles

One bite of this pickle of ripe small tomatoes is enough to make you addicted to it.

The sweetness of the tomatoes is like a dessert, and the sourness of the pickling liquid overflows into this juicy dish.

The sweetness of the pickles increases when eaten at room temperature, making it suitable for people who do not like sour pickles and for children.

Please enjoy it as a side dish with rice or as a snack♪

Cherry tomatoes are loaded with lycopene and vitamin C!

Both lycopene and vitamin C have antioxidant properties, which strengthens the immune system.

They also prevent spots and wrinkles caused by ultraviolet rays and are said to be good for preventing arteriosclerosis and other diseases caused by lifestyle.

It is said that the absorption rate of nutrients increases when consumed with oil, so it is best to eat it with olive oil!

Let's cook!

Serve in salads with olive oil and black pepper.

They also go great with cream cheese!

The leftover pickle juice is infused with the nutrients of tomatos!

Please drink it undiluted or with carbonated water to the last drop!



Tomatoes (domestic), pickling ingredients (rice vinegar, sugar, mirin, salt)

Shelf life: 2 months from the date of manufacture after ordering

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