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Cucumber and Mustard

Cucumber and Mustard

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Western-style mustard

Cucumber", the royal road of pickles

Pickled cucumbers are marinated in mustard pickling liquid.



Cucumbers are marinated in a tangy mustard pickling liquid.

We cut the cucumbers into two kinds of slices: round slices and chunky slices, so that you can enjoy the texture of the cucumbers.

You can enjoy the different chewy texture of each, and can enjoy it to the last.


 Let's Cook!

Introducing hot dogs with chopped pickles.

Chopped cucumber pickles are served on top of a roll of bread with a wiener in it.

The mustard mixes right in with the cucumber pickles, and it's delicious!

If you think the mustard is too spicy, we recommend mixing it with mayonnaise to make a tartar sauce.



Cucumber (from Ehime), pickling ingredients (rice vinegar, sugar, salt, mustard, rosemary, garlic)

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